Spring – What I Love About It

Spring has well and truly sprung and I couldn’t be happier. I am not a fan of Autumn, despite how pretty it is. And as for winter, well I am really not a fan. Spring however is a sign that the warmer weather will be on its way.
So far spring has been quite mild, quite a contrast from the snow we had the other year. The sunny days really does makes everyone so much happier.
There are quite a few reasons that I like spring, despite it still not being flip-flop weather, it makes me happy.


Putting washing on the line

Washing drying in Spring

There is nothing nicer than finally being able to put my washing on the line. I always find it smells nicer and of it saves electricity from using the tumble dryer or even having clothes scattered round the house to dry. On school days the washing goes on first thing and then straight on the line after the school run. It really is quite satisfying to see my washing on the line.


The Light

Earlier mornings and later evenings mean there is so much more time to be outdoors. This is great as when the weather is fine as the children can be straight in the garden after school, burning off more energy. I also love natural light when it comes to taking photos. As a blogger taking photos in the colder months is quite a challenge. Light really is my cameras friend.


Walks on the beach

We are lucky enough to live near a beach. Five minuets in the car or a little longer on the bus and we are at the sea front. We love walks along the beach and building sand castles. It is a great free activity to do and the children love it. We probably use the beach more in the spring than other times. It gets quite busy in the summer but it is nice to go to after school. Sitting in the spring sunshine just makes me feel good and the children just love running around.


Going to the park

We do go to the park in the colder weather but not as much, it gets a little chilly so we don’t stay for long. Spring means lighter evenings so we can pop to the park near by after school or on a weekend. It is a great free activity and with the warmer climate I don’t mind going. Armed with drinks and a few snacks we can spend quite a while in there.


Fresh flowers

Daffodils in spring
Everywhere I look beautiful fresh flowers are popping up. Gardens, parks or even walks in the woods. I love seeing beautiful daffodils. Even lavender is slowly making an appearance. My eldest is excited by all the daisy’s appearing as she has learnt how to make daisy chains. There is something about fresh flowers that brighten up the place and add to the lovely spring climate.


Spring clothes
I am not one of these people who have wardrobes for different seasons, it would be nice but it isn’t financially viable. I quite simply have a summer wardrobe! My favourite time of year. During the winter its jeans and jumpers, I only own a few of those. However during spring I can get away with blouses with cardigans if a little chilly. I don’t always have to wear a coat, especially as the day goes on. My body warmer is getting more use. The short sleeve tops occasionally make an appearance. If I wear a dress though I still need to wear tights. The weather is changeable during spring as is what I wear.


Eating al fresco

Eating Afresco
It isn’t always warm enough for this, however during late spring it is lovely to sit outdoors when eating out. Even more so if we are out with children and the venue has a play park. There is a place in Cornwall that is perfect for that. It isn’t quite BBQ weather, despite a few people already having them in March. So we are not eating outside when we are at home. I do look forward to summer when we can sit outside most of the time.


Playing in the garden
Our garden isn’t the tidiest, we are working on it though. Even so the children love playing outdoors. They have a toy cupboard in the garden that has bikes in, balls, hoola hoops, space hoppers and a selection of other things. Listening to them play makes me smile, they have such an imagination . Nothing beats being out in the fresh air. I can tell when they have had a good time as they are always covered in some sort of dirt. My three-year old without fail has a mucky face. A clean in the bath before bed is always in order.

There are so many things about spring that I love, these are just a few. What do you love about Spring?

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