Advent Calendars Guide 2018

There are so many advent calendars available on the high street and online for both Adults and children alike and of course the edible ones.

Here are a pick of the best that I recommend purchasing this year. Firstly we have the Children’s Calendars –


Children’s Advent Calendars


Playmobil 123 Christmas on the Farm

Advent Calendars 2018

Designed for Children ages 18 month plus. Inside the Playmobil 1.2.3 Christmas on the Farm Advent Calendar you get 28 pieces ranging from farm animals and produce, to Santa’s sleigh complete with gifts as well as Santa himself – everything you need to recreate a Christmas on the farm scene. The pieces are big and chunky, perfect for little fingers. I think anyone who gets this calendar for Christmas will love it.  What is even better as this one is not totally Christmas themed, you can play with it all year-long. The pieces will also fit in nicely with any other 123 Playmobil you have. Something that as a mum I really likes is that there is a hook on the back of the box, so instead of having it on the sideboard I could hang it up somewhere accessible or the children.

The calendar costs £19.99 which is fairly reasonable considering everything you get. You can purchase it online from Playmobil and other good retailers.

Moving onto one for the older children.


Smiggle Advent Calendar.

Advent Calanders 2018

I have listed this under the Children’s Calendar section as that is who it is marketed at, however having seen the contents of the box this is a calendar I love. Anyone that loves awesome stationery will love this calendar. Smiggle is a very popular stationary shop. They are renowned for funky, fun and scented stationary. The advent calendar is full of limited edition Smiggle items and each day has something really good.  I don’t want to ruin the surprise for you by showing the complete contents.

However I will tell you that there are some great items including a rainbow gel pen, a rubber, stapler, calculator , notebook and a favourite of mine on day 12 is a chocolate pen. It not only looks like a chocolate bar but it smells like one. Day 4 is a brilliant Smiggle slap band which has proved very popular. Not only do you get all these wonderful items, there is a lucky ticket on the back of the calendar. It gives 25 lucky winners a £500 Smiggle shopping spree voucher. This a great calendar for children of all ages. It costs £25 which sounds pricey but it is amazing value for money. You can purchase it in store and .


Adult Advent Calendars

Advent calendar’s are no longer just for children. There are so many advent calendars now available for adults, however the tricky thing is deciding which one to buy.


Yankee Candle Holiday Sparkle Advent Calendar

Advent calendars 2018

I love candles and Yankee Candles are my favourite. I personally don’t think you can go wrong with a calendar like this if you love Yankee candles. After all what better way to get into the holiday spirit than with this calendar.  The calendar looks gorgeous and smells divine. This is a wreath shaped advent calendar filled with 24 Tea Lights, including NEW Icy Blue Spruce and NEW Glittering Star, and 1 Tea Light Holder. I look forward to counting down the days to Christmas with a nice scented tea light every night. The calendar is available to purchase from the Yankee Candle Website and other good retailers.


12 Days Of Body And Bath Advent Calendar

Advent calendars


Everyone loves a little bit of pampering making this a wonderful choice. However, this calendar is a little bit different as it is only for twelve days. So you either open it on the 1st day of Advent or on 12 days of Christmas which ends on the 6th January. After all we all need some pampering after the hectic Christmas period. I am suitably impressed with the contents of this calendar.  This Advent Includes: 25ml Hand Cream – Strawberry Fragrance 2 x 50g Bath Salts – Strawberry Fragrance 2 x 20g Bath Fizzer – Strawberry Fragrance 30ml Body Wash – Strawberry Fragrance 30ml Body Lotion – Strawberry Fragrance 4g Vanilla Lip Balm 4g strawberry Lip Balm 2 x Nail File Body Puff.

All of the products are great quality making this calendar great as it is only £10.99. You can purchase the calendar from Find Me A It calendar for anyone who loves a little bit of pampering.


Threaders Advent Calendar Fabrikit

Advent Calendars 2018

This calendar is very different from all the others I have listed her. This calendar you actually get to make. Then you can fill it with what ever you like.  The Threaders Advent Calendar Kit  – it’s ideal for beginners or for those of us who like a quick craft project. The fabric pieces are easy to cut and stitch. There are lovely animals and festive pictures printed on onto the fabric which makes the appearance of the calendar beautiful. The kit comes with all the components including fabric, threads and easy-to-follow instructions. I am looking forward to attempting to make this calendar. You can purchase the Threaders Fabrikit Advent Calendar from Crafters Companian. I think its well priced at £14.99 as the calendar will last for years.


Edible Advent Calendars

I have decided to put all the edible calendars into one section. Mainly as there is no rule on what age should have which tasty calendar.


Haribo Advent Calendar

Advent Calendars 2018

Not everyone is a fan of chocolate, so this sweet treat alternative is fantastic. The Haribo calendar is larger than the advent calendars we’re used to and it features 24 doors with a sweet treat behind each door. All of the treats are individually wrapped and many are Christmas themed. I love the Christmas scene featured on the front of this calendar and it certainly looks nice and inviting. You don’t only get mini bags or Haribo behind the doors. On a couple of days you will find large jellys Christmas tree’s and reindeer’s. The mini bags that you do get are mostly Christmas themed. Ginger bread men shapes, father Christmas, stockings. You get the idea. The calendar is perfect for any Haribo loving fan. You can purchase this fab advent calendar from a selection of stores including Tesco, B&M and Asda. Amazon also sell it.


The Jelly Belly Advent Calendar

Advent Calendars 2018I have always loved Jelly Belly’s, so I am impressed that they make an Advent Calendar. The calendar is larger and deeper than the average chocolate Advent Calendar. It’s about 2.5″ deep which had us imagining what jellybeans were waiting to be eaten. The deign is lovely, colourful and bright.  If you are already a Jelly Belly fan, you will know the sensational taste sensations you have waiting for you. As beans go, they do have some really great flavours such as Buttered Popcorn, Watermelon and Blueberry. Inside the calendar you will find 24 pyramid bags with roughly 10 beans in each bag. There is a different flavour behind each door. The excitement of not knowing which flavour your going to get adds to the excitement. This is a fabulous calendar that is also Gluten Free.

The calendar is £16 and available from the Jelly Belly website and other amazing retailers.


Hersheys Cookies ‘N’ Creme

Advent Calendars 2018

I first tried Hershey’s chocolate in my twenties when a friend bought some back from America. I am a huge fan. The chocolate is nice and smooth with a little crunch. Behind the 24 doors you will find a tasty treat. The calendar contains 15 Cookies ‘n; crème Hershey Kisses, Hershey’s Cookies ‘n’ crème snack sized bars and behind door number 24 you are in for a treat with a larger chocolate bar. Each Calendar Measures 35cm x 30cm, so it is a decent sized calendar. The box has a glossy feel and quite luxurious. This calendar is perfect for anyone who loves the number one American chocolate or would like to sample it.  The Hershey’s chocolate calendar is a limited edition so will probably sell out quick. You can purchase from Tesco and other great retailers online and in store.


Personalised Retro Sweets Advent Calendar


Advent Calendars 2018This advent calendar is a what I can only describe as joy in a box. All of the sweets really do remind me of my childhood. This is one of the best advent calendars I have seen.  Inside you will find the likes of love hearts, refreshers, black jacks, bubbly, drumstick lollies and much more! There are 24 doors to open and a special surprise for the recipient as you can have their name printed onto the calendar at the bottom underneath the words, ‘Merry Christmas’. If you love personalised gifts, you will love this advent calendar. This is a fabulous advent calendar that great gift for children and adults alike. You can purchase this calendar from Find Me a and it is defiantly worth £10.99


As you can see there are some great Advent Calendar’s available to buy this year. Something for everyone. What better way to count down to Christmas with one of these superb calendars.




Disclaimer – We were sent these advent calendars to assist with this feature.

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