Robo Alive Spider

Zuru Robo Alive Spider Review

,What better way to scare yourself silly and your family than with the Zuru Robo Alive Spider. I have never played with a Robo Alive animal before and the spider really hasn’t been a disappointment. The amount of fun we have had with it is immense.

Robo Alive Spider

My first thought, when we received the Robo Alive Spider was how much fun I am going to have trying to scare my husband and children. I am that mum that find this sort of thing hilarious.

Once I had managed to get the spider out of the box, which wasn’t easy. There is a plastic tag holding the spider into the box, I used the end of a teaspoon to pop it off.

Once the spider was free it was time to have a play. The children were at school so I could get to grips with the Robo Alive Spider. Well, I turned it on and I let out a little scream! This spider vibrated as soon as I turned it on.

Turning it on is easy, there is a little switch underneath.

Robo Alive SpiderThe instructions say that the spider wont work on carpet, as I discovered before reading the instructions. It worked perfectly on our kitchen floor.

Here is Mr Skinny legs as he is now named – my children watch far too much Peppa Pig as there is a spider in that called Mr Skinny legs.

Robo Alive SpiderThe Robo Alive spider is very realistic to look at, it’s even a bit fuzzy like spiders can be. the spider if a little bit louder than I expected. However that just added to the fun of scaring my daughter.

On a Saturday afternoon I called E through to the kitchen saying  ”wow, look at this spider. Turned it on and it went straight up to her, she actually screamed. It was so funny, unfortunately didn’t manage to film it. Mr Skinny legs was too fast for me. Once she realised it wasn’t real both her and her younger brother couldn’t wait to play with it, they though it was hilarious.

The spider is for age 5 upwards, however my three-year old absolutely loves it. Look how big it looks in his little hands.

Robo Alive Spider

The Robo Alive Spider is great fun for any time of the year. it would be awesome for playing some pranks at Halloween.

You can purchase the Robo Alive spider at and it also available on Amazon .



Zuru also have a whole host of fantastic goodies that you can buy that the children will love.

Robo Alive spider


Disclosure – We were sent the Robo Alive Spider For the purpose of this review. All opinions are out own.

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