Living Arrows 10/52 (2018)

This week has been a week of excitement. First of all the snow came. Now I know it has been an inconvenience to most, however we loved every minuet of it. The last time we had snow in Exmouth was in 2010. So neither of the children have seen real snow, let alone played in it. As soon as it started they both wanted to play out.


Living Arrows 10/52They both loved it, despite the look on J’s face in this photo. The Beast from the East had arrived it was so much fun once it did.

The second day a layer of ice had formed over the snow. I had visions of me falling on the ice on my bum. The children wanted to play out in the garden again. We banged some of the ice off and there was around six inches of lovely snow that was perfect for an ice ball fight and snowman building. We all had a great time and I am now quite sad that it has all thawed away due to the rain.

There was another exciting event this week. E lost her first tooth. It had been wobbly for a while. I’m glad it’s finally come out. The wobbly tooth made my tummy do flip-flops. She was under instruction to not wobble it in front of me.

Living Arrows 10/52

The tooth fairly left a shiny £2 coin under her pillow which she was really excited by. Luckily I had some money in the house as we were snowed in.

It’s very exciting when things like that happen, however it makes me realise how quickly E is growing up. I wish time would slow down a little. E is looking forward to loosing more teeth and her big teeth growing.

Its been a great week with lots of fun, unfortunately Its all back to normal now that the snow has melted.



Living Arrows


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