My Sunday Photo 04/03/2018

This  week we have had snow, snuggles and giggles. E and J do wind each other up, which isn’t fun to deal with. However the love they have for each other is a joy to see. My Sunday photo is just a quick snap as they look so cute together.

My Sunday Photo 4/3/2018

Every night before bed time J likes to get into E’s bed and play with all her soft toys and to snuggle down. This is sometimes to avoid teeth cleaning and other times because he wants to stay in bed with E.

This particular night E asked if J could sleep in her bed with her. As much as this would be so lovely it wasn’t practical as it was a school night. I also don’t think E would get any sleep as J would wriggle around. He would last twenty minuets or so before E would want him out. Maybe when he is a little older they can have little sleep overs in E’s room.

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