Minibeast Hunt and Free Printable.

Now that the weather is warmer it is the perfect time to go on a minibeast hunt. More minibeasts are out and about at this time of year, making this a fun and interesting activity,

My children love finding different bugs, particularly my two-year old. He currently has a fascination with ant’s and my daughter loves wriggly worms and butterflies.


Where to find minibeasts

A lot of minibeasts like to hide in dark damp places. Look for bugs by lifting large stones and logs. See what you can find hiding underneath. Quite a few bugs live in tree’s. Put a piece of paper underneath and shake the tree, you might be surprised what you find.


Minibeasts bug hunt

What do you need when going on a bug hunt

You don’t really need anything. You could use a little container to trap the bugs so you can get a closer look. A magnifying glass is great idea, that way you can get a more detailed look. We have a great minibeast hunt printable that you can download. The printable helps to identify bugs and gives you an idea of what minibeasts to look for.


Take care when bug hunting

A couple of the bugs on the sheet sting. Make sure your children are aware that they shouldn’t get too close to or touch wasps and bee’s. Always wash your hands after the minibeast hunt, they are bound to be dirty after the hunt and is even more important after handling minibeasts.

And remember bugs are only tiny and they are likely to be scared off you. Always put bugs back where your found them and handle them with care.

Going on a minibeast hunt can be a lot of fun, not only does everyone get some fresh air, it is also interesting and educational. Going on a bug hunt is a great activity that you could do over the school summer holidays.

Don’t forget you can download our free minibeast hunt activity sheet printable here.



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Mini Beast Hunt

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