Top 10 Home Security Tips

Since my husband has worked away for periods of time i have become more aware of home security. With the summer school holidays coming up we will be spending more time away from the home. Days out, visiting family and camping. Because of this i will be making sure our home is secure.

Not everyone thinks about home security so i am going to share some tips on how to keep your home safe and secure.

Home Security


1.  Lock all Doors and Windows

Surprisingly not everyone thinks to lock all there windows and doors when they leave their home. Closing windows and locking your day should be the first thing you think off. Even if you are just popping to the shop. Keeping windows open wide at night during the warmer weather is hot, this however grants easy access to passing thief’s.


2.  Lock up your shed and garage

Gardens and shed’s frequently hold equipment that could help a burglar access your home. Ladders can be used to help them reach an open window. Screwdrivers and crow bars can also help them to access your home. Not only that many people keep their bikes and other valuable items in their garage. Many thief’s will take these items with a view of selling them on.


3. Keep Keys out of sight

Leaving keys on display will attract a burglar to your property over others. Thief’s will attempt to get the keys by using equipment though your letter box. If your car keys are on show they will try to get them and simply drive off in your car. Try to keep keys nowhere near the letter box and out of sight. This will help with home security.


4. Don’t hide spare keys

So many people do this. Keys under the door mat or in nearby plant pots. If a thief finds a key they have easy access to your property and your probably wouldn’t be able to claim on your insurance . After all you are giving them a key to enter your property. Leaving a spare key with a trustworthy neighbour or family near by is a much better and safer option.


5. Burglar Alarms

Having a burglar alarm on view will make a thief think twice about attempting to access your property. Checking your alarm is working is important as is changing the security code occasionally. You can also buy dummy alarms which will still as they wont be able to tell the difference.


6. Outside Lighting

Having lights which turn on when they detect motion are recommended. They are a great deterrent for burglars. The last thing a thief wants is to be in full view of their antics. Lights close to doors are brilliant as many of them will be checking doors and for keys.


7. Have secure locks on your doors

Good quality locks make it harder for a thief to snap them. Having secure locks will increase your home security. Cheap locks are not a good investment. Make sure locks aren’t worn or old, it easier to break them if they are worn.


8. Speak to your neighbours

A good relationship with your neighbours is an added way of keeping your home secure. You could ask them to keep an eye on your property. Ask them to move post and parcels piling up through your door. This is always an indication that your are away from your home for a few days.


9. Social Media Privacy

Social media is a part of everyone’s life these days. However think very carefully about what you share. Checking in at locations lets potential burglars know that you are away from your home. Posting photos from the location when abroad isn’t always a great thing to do. If you do want to do this then make sure your privacy settings are set to friends only.


10. Being careful with your address

As a blogger you can google me and several things come up, however one thing you can’t find is where I live. It simply says Devon and Devon is a huge place! Don’t post your address online, it makes it easier for thief’s to find you. Another way to keep your address safe is shred any paperwork with your address on that you no longer need, especially things that show expensive purchases.

I hope you find these tips helpful when it comes to making your home more secure.


This home safety post is part of the Specialist Solicitors – Nationwide Solicitors -DPP law Home Security Campaign.



Disclaimer – This is a sponsored post.








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