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My Fairy Garden Fairy Picnic Basket Review

Like pretty much all little girls, E believes in fairy’s. She has a really cute fairy door in her bedroom and she writes to her fairy, sparkles frequently. Last Christmas she received a fairy doll from her fairy who she believes to be sparkles. When we were sent the Interplay My Fairy Garden Fairy Picnic Basket, I just knew she would love it.

My fairy picnic basket

As soon as I had taken a photo of the box, E excitedly opened it and had a good look at everything. From the back of the box we discovered that the fairy is called Blossom and the bunny is her friend. E instantly fell in love with Blossom and because the bunny has no name she decided to call it Alice.

Included with the picnic basket are some little accessories so that Blossom and the bunny can have a little picnic. There are two plates, two cups, a tea-pot, a cake stand and two cupcakes. It is all very detailed.

My Fary Garden Fairy Picnic Basket

E enjoys getting the My Fairy Garden Fairy Picnic set out and making up little stories. There has been picnics, tea parties and even a birthday party for Blossom. She really uses her imagination. J tries to get in on the action much to E’s frustration. He will happily put everything in the picnic basket when E is trying to play with it.

My Fairy Garden Fairy Picnic Basket

Our Thoughts

We love how small and cute the My Fairy Garden Fairy Picnic basket is.  It is the perfect size to carry around and play with anywhere you want. E has played with the set frequently and I can see that it is a toy she will keep going back to.

The picnic basket is quite sturdy which is great, especially when younger siblings get hold of it. The age range is 4+ which I think is about right. Older children will enjoy playing with it as they can really use their imagination. The set includes small pieces which could easily become lost if not put inside the basket after play.

The My Fairy Garden Fairy Picnic basket retails at £12.99 which isn’t to pricey for a gift that little girls will love. You can purchase the picnic basket from most good shops and direct from the Interplay website.


Disclaimer  – We were sent the My Fairy Garden Fairy Picnic Basket to Review – All words and opinions are our own.

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7 thoughts on “My Fairy Garden Fairy Picnic Basket Review

  1. My little girl would love this, she always sees the advert on tv and says she wants it for Christmas. Definitely think this would be something I’ll be getting her.

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