My Favourite Holiday Moments

I do love going on holiday abroad, however since the children have come along we haven’t been able to afford it. Which means I haven’t been abroad for nearly eight year’s. This is quite depressing realising it has been that long.

Thankfully I have some great holiday memories from the past, I have a love for long haul trips away. Once place I love more than any other place, to date, is Bali. I have been there twice now back packing. Once for a month and the second time three weeks. There are so many wonderful holiday memories from my trips there. One of my favourite holiday moments has to be going to the sacred monkey forest in Ubud. It was brilliant, very picturesque and all the monkeys ran around everywhere.

Holiday Moments

A holiday I really enjoyed is a trip to Egypt. I have also been there twice. Once a cruise on the Nile and the other on a holiday resort. We went away with my parents when we went to the all-inclusive resort. It was relaxing but also had many funny holiday moments.

Holdiday moments

We made the most of an all-inclusive resort, including a rather tipsy evening. Lots of giggles. Overall it was just a really enjoyable holiday.

I have also been away on some short-haul destination’s. I have been to Spain a few times. All of my holidays there have been enjoyable. We have stayed in Estepona, a lovely little town and port.

Holiday MomentsThere is plenty to see and do and the locals are really friendly. One of my favourite holiday moments was taking a day trip to Gibraltar. It isn’t that far away. The reason I love Gibraltar is that I used to live there when I was little. So its nice to see where I used to live. We even found the area I used to live. When I lived there a monkey took my orange juice out of my hands whilst I was sat in my pushchair. We went up the rock to see all the Barbary Macaques which was brilliant.

Holiday momentsWe will go to Estepona again at some point and will take the children as I am sure they will love it also. I recommend a holiday there. There are so many great places to stay, check them out here.

A few years ago I went on a mini break with a friend to Budapest. I knew very little about the area. I just booked a flight and accommodation for a few days. It was a great place to explore. So much to see and discover and everything was so cheap. They have a few spa’s so we spent an afternoon in a spa relaxing. The spa bath was so warm which was appreciated as we went in February so it was a chilly there.

Holiday momentsWe both had a great time exploring different areas, we managed to get lost on one of the days on a bus. On the positive side we got to see so much more of Budapest than we expected!

I would like to go on some more mini breaks but as our children as still young some places are not very practical.  Hopefully one day I will get to go to more places. I already have itchy feet wanting to go on holiday.

Have you been on any brilliant holidays that are full of memorable holiday moments?

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