Photo Friday 27th January 2017

Welcome to another Photo Friday. I have finally got round to writing one this week, is it me or does time just fly by?

It has been an average week, we haven’t done anything amazing. I have however remembered to take some photos of the everyday things we have been getting up to.

Last weekend was quite a busy one for E. On Saturday she had swimming in the morning and then she wanted to go to Exeter with me. We had great fun, E has reached the age when its jut the two of us she is great company.

Photo FridayIt was a bitterly cold day, as every day seems to be lately. She had been super patient whist I had some shopping to do. It got to lunch time, little Miss has told me that she was feeling hungry. We normally go to the café in Wilko’s, she likes the kids food bags. But this time I took her to Weatherspoon’s, E was really excited about this as it was something different. As a whole it was a great day with lots of silliness and laughter.

With it being so cold we are all wrapping up warm, E loves to get all cosy. J however is a different matter, he gets cross when you put his hood up or put anything on his head.

Photo Friday Joshua M bought this a hat and gloves in town the other day and to my surprise he keeps the hat on. Well most of the time! And I know I am bias but how adorable does he look.

On Sunday last week E had a birthday party to go to. Once the home work was done she couldn’t wait to get ready. E is quite a girly girl, I am not quite sure where she gets that from.

Photo FridayI love this photo, she looks beautiful yet so grown up. She is wearing her favourite dress that my mum bought her. The reason being is that it flares out when she does a twirl. She wanted to wear some of her make up she got for Christmas and her necklace that she made at bead club after school.

Photo Friday EmilyE had a great time at her friends party, not that you would think so looking at this photo. If you tell E to smile she pulls a silly expression and her eyes look anywhere but at the camera. She never used to do this so I am hoping its just a phase.

When M picked us up from the party I was greeted by this little man.

Photo Friday Joshua

M had sorted out E’s old forward facing car seat. Needless to say he loves it. E thinks its great that he is facing that way too.

When E is at school and the weather is horrible I try to keep J occupied. He is great at playing alone and loves it when I play silly games with him.

Photo Friday JoshuaI love doing arts and crafts with both of the children, I believe it helps their motor skills and develops their creativity. J loves painting, which child doesn’t. He really enjoyed feeling the paint on his hands and then smearing and placing them on the paper. As he is only 15 months old his attention span isn’t that long, so I was surprised when he was still happy making a mess after ten minutes.

It’s tiring being a one year old

One year old nappingThe day this was taken J had already been for a nap and I don’t think he wanted to wake up. I bought him downstairs and cuddled him and he fell straight back to sleep. He looks so peaceful.

That’s all the photos for this week, I hope you have enjoyed having a little glimpse into our week. I hope you all have had a good week and I will be back with another Photo Friday next week.


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  1. January 27, 2017 / 9:35 am

    Oww these are some gorgeous pictures, I loves little mans jumper and my son is the same when smiling for photos he pulls kind of an angry constipated face. Your daughter looked lovely ready for the birthday party, we haven’t had any yet this year but mine always wants to dress like the Hulk…xx
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