Photo Friday 6th January 2016

I started occasionally writing Photo Friday posts last year and I plan to do the same this year. It has been a rocky start to the new year with a member of my family being in hospital, spending days sat in a hospital is physically and mentally draining for all concerned. Since I returned home we have managed to get the tree down and attempted to get some sort of normality in the house, despite it looking like a playground.

I haven’t taken many photos this week because of everything that has been going on, however I am going to share with you a few photos that I have.

Photo Friday

The night before E went back to school we decided to eat out, there really wasn’t much food in the house so we opted to go for a carvery which everyone enjoyed. E was given a colouring sheet and crayons but J wanted to have a go. We managed a couple of scribbles until he wanted to chew on the crayon.

Photo Friday

E was very lucky and got a very cool scooter for Christmas, it flashes when you scooter along, obviously she thinks this is very cool and loves going out on her scooter and has been on it a few times since Christmas.

Photo Friday

It is very rare that photos of me appear on the blog as I am the one that normally taking the photos, however I do occasionally try to take a selfie with the kids. Whilst E was on her scooter I thought I would try to take a photo of J and I. However it didn’t quite go as planned as he took a fancy to the pom pom on my hat and this is the outcome.

Photo Friday


J finds it great fun when we chase him round the house, he stop and thenĀ chase you. The best bit is he giggles the whole time, it is a game that he will happily play for a long time, well until he gets the hiccups. When J gets excited and laughs a lot he tends to get the hiccups.

Photo Friday

When I was pregnant with J, I was worried how the four year age gap would work. So far its going well, E absolutely loves him and she is really good with him most of the time. She loves playing with him and tolerates him when he is being a pain in the bum. J has a fascination with mouths, he has been fascinated for a while now. I think it is to do with the feel of teeth. I do love this photo, the look on both of their faces tells a story.

Photo Friday

There is a new obsession in the house with E and it is Trolls. When I was little trolls were beige type things with colourful hair, the ones around now are very bright and colourful and ever since E saw the film at the cinema everything is about Trolls. Troll toys, troll books and now she has troll leggings which she loves to wear, even under a dress!

I hope you have enjoyed a little glimpseĀ at what we have been up to this last week and I hope you have had a great week too.



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  1. January 6, 2017 / 9:32 am

    Such lovely photos, loving the scooter! My favourite photo is the one of J grabbing your hat.

    Happy birthday beautiful lady!

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