Photo Friday – A week of fun!

Its been a while since I wrote a Photo Friday post, I have just been so busy with J that time just seems to disappear. After all I have no idea where the last six months has gone.

I have taken loads of photos since J has been born but today I am just going to share some from this week.

The sun has been out which has been wonderful as I was able to take J outside on a play mat, normally when he has been outside I have been carrying him or had him on my knee as its hasn’t been overly warm.

Joshua outsideHe was giggling away so much, taking in all the different sites that he hasn’t seen. J has such an infectious laugh that he makes me giggle with him.

JoshuaHaving a look around on his tummy. He kept wanting to roll, next time the sun comes out I think I will have to take a bigger play mat out.

mummy and joshuaI absolutely love this photo, J was trying to get my phone as he was fascinated that he could see himself whilst taking the photo. Ever since then he is constantly trying to get to my phone.

Emily in the garden

When E came home from school she was really keen to get out into the garden to play as it was so sunny, she was having fun running around and chatting to my neighbours grandson over the fence.

Emily with Billy Bear

When E came home from school she had the class bear, Billy Bear for being star learner. She excitedly took Billy into the garden to show him around and to introduce him to our neighbour. She loved having Billy to stay for a couple of nights.

Joshua, emily and billyEven Joshua was excited at having cuddle’s with Billy and he got quite attached to him – bless.

As J is now six months we are weaning him, well we started at five and a half months but only with puree fruit and some toast. Now that he is six months the baby led weaning has commenced and he is taking it all his stride.

Baby led weaning joshuaJ loves mash potato as its easy to eat, seeing him pick up a big dollop of mash and push it into his mouth with the help of his fingers is a funny sight. He gets nice and messy and enjoys himself.

Baby led weaning yoghurtThis week I introduced J to Greek Yoghurt, needless to say he loves it, I think it must feel nice on his gums too as he is teething. He has lots of fun feeding himself yoghurt – obviously I have to preload the spoon at this point and then he manages to get some in his mouth and lots more on his face.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at the photos from this week and getting a little glimpse at what we have been up to in the Mum, that’s me household.

Have a lovely Friday!


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