Pizza Express Christmas Menu Review

The Christmas season is upon us and everywhere you look there are wonderful things to see. I love everything about the Christmas, the decorations, the presents, family time and most importantly I love Christmas food at home and in restaurants.

Recently I was invited to the Pizza Express in Exeter to try the Christmas menu, I love pizza and I was very curious to see how you could have a Pizza based Christmas menu.  I took a friend along so we could get in the festive spirit together, munch our way through yummy food and have a good natter.

Pizza Express have a great varied menu and their Christmas menu looked very exciting and I was looking forward to trying it

For starter i chose Manzo Crocchette which contains pulled beef and chianti crocchette served with rocket and a horseradish and crème fraiche dipping sauce. When it turned up it looked great and it tasted divine, it tickled my taste buds and left me wanting more. What I found was good was that the starter was just enough, some places I have eaten the starters are so large that I struggle to eat the main course.

Pizza Express Christmas Menu

For the main course I ordered Porchetta Natale, the pizza is made up of pulled, seasoned hog roast with a soft herb stuffing, pancetta, mozzarella, fresh rosemary, tomato, garlic oil and pine kernels, finished with fresh parsley. My friend ordered the same and when the pizzas came out we couldn’t stop giggling and other people in the restaurant were surprised that we had ordered a pizza each, obviously no one knew I was sampling it for a review. Anyway as you can see the pizzas are huge, we could happily have shared one.

Pizza Express Christmas MenuLots of giggling- not the best photo but I was laughing a lot at the size of the pizza as I am only very petite.

Christmas Menu at Pizza Express

After all the giggles it was time to taste the yummy looking  pizza and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised, pizza with seasoned hog roast, stuffing and the other bits actually tasted amazing on a pizza. The stuffing gave it a wonderful taste it was almost like mini Christmas dinner on a pizza minus the Brussel spouts – thankfully! As the pizzas were so big I was unable to finish it, but I gave it a good go. The lovely waitress offered to put the remainder in a box to take home, I wasn’t going to say no to that.  I was going to be kind and let my husband sample it seeing as he has looked after the kids whilst I went out and got festive!

For Dessert I ordered Jaffa Profiteroles which is milk chocolate coated profiteroles, filled with a chocolate cream and orange gel centre, served with vanilla gelato and a candied orange slice. When I ordered it I was hoping I would be able to eat it after munching my way through a lot of pizza. As you can see, it looked amazing.

Pizza Epress Christas Menu

I am so glad I ordered the Jaffa Profiteroles, they tasted super yummy. They weren’t to heavy to eat so I managed to eat them all. I loved them so much that I would happily go into Pizza Express and just order dessert. My friend ordered Snowball Dough Balls, which are Dough Balls with cinnamon and icing sugar, served with a vanilla cream dip and a chocolate straw, she really enjoyed them.

Pizza Express has an offer on currently, if you ordered a starter and a main you get a dessert free, so the sumptuous meal that we had would have cost £18.85 per person which is a fantastic price for an amazing meal. If I went again I would order a starter and a pizza between two and then a dessert. I am quite impressed with the amount we had eaten and we washed it down with a lovely glass of wine, after all we were out being festive.

Pizza Express Exeter

We both thoroughly enjoyed the Christmas menu, despite not being able to move or eat anything again for several hours, I would definitely order it again.

If you get chance to visit your local Pizza Express before Christmas I recommend ordering from the Christmas menu, you wont be disappointed. Take a look on the website to find your local Pizza Express.


Disclaimer – We were offered the meal in exchange for a review




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