Hiding Christmas Presents

Christmastime is upon us, many of us are still busy with either shopping for gifts, wrapping present’s or sorting out the Christmas food. We are a mixture of all of those things in our house. I have shopped, I have wrapped – not everything and my husband has yet to do some shopping.

As Christmas is getting closer we have seen various family members, exchanged gifts and posted to those to far away to see. This is all very lovely and everyone have been very generous especially for the two little one’s in the house and I know it is a cliché but I really look forward to seeing the children’s faces on Christmas day.

Where to hide chritmas presents

The problem we now face as I am sure many parents are the same is where to hide all these Christmas presents? As E and J are still young no questions have been asked regarding piled up boxes in our bedroom. When my family visited I filled up wardrobes with various gifts, when the in law’s sent gifts we were challenged to where on earth we were going to hide everything especially as some of the gifts are in giant gift bags, they are so big E and J would fit in them.

After a lot of moving things around they are hidden in various places under clothes, blankets etc. E hasn’t questioned any of this because she knows I have a couple of boxes of her old clothes in our room that I am sorting through, so I guess she is used to seeing boxes about.

However as the children get older we are going to have to be more careful where we hide them as I would hate for them to find them and ruin the magic of Christmas.

Here are some great places to hide presents from prying eyes.

The Loft – its dark, dusty, full of spiders and pretty scary, well I think it would be to children. We have used the loft to store things in boxes as I bought them throughout the year. We also have a few presents up there.

Your underwear drawer – Not a place many children would think of looking? Its a no go in our house as if I go to the bathroom with J upstairs he tends to go to my underwear or sock drawer and pulls them all out. But it is still a good hiding place for smaller gifts.

Under your bed – that’s if you have space. We have drawers under our bed so no space but I have been known over the years to hide gifts at the back of my drawer with my jeans on top. One of the classic places I used when E was little was under her cot bed as she never played in her room and they were hidden amongst other things there.

The garage if you have one, another dusty place that is great for storing boxes. Our garage isn’t attached to the house so we haven’t used it for storing presents.

Under the stairs – we don’t have a cupboard but we have an under the stairs space where I put some kitchen items and all the carrier bags are thrown in there, it’s a bit of a mess that needs tidying but it can be a great space for hiding presents.

With family – now this is great if you have family members that live near by who have the space to store things, unfortunately we don’t but its a great option if you do.

Being faced with the mess of all the presents we have wrapped and family gifts, I can now see why some people store everything in the loft, bring it down on Christmas eve and wrap it all then. I personally don’t think I could do that.

Have you got any suggestions of places to hide Christmas presents? I would love to hear them.


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  1. December 21, 2016 / 10:33 pm

    I’ve done a bulk of the wrapping this evening and have put them all in a huge box and gaffer taped it shut. It’s in plain sight in my bedroom and the kids think it’s something to do with my job so no further questions asked. However, if they were to look in the wardrobe I think we’d be busted!!
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