Don’t Forget to Track Santa with Norad

Did you know that you can actually track Santa’s flight path across the world on Christmas Eve?

Norad tracks santa

For over sixty years, NORAD, The North American Aerospace Defence Command, has been giving families around the world a super fun way to track Santa’s flight path on Christmas.

At any time you can see where Santa is in the world and where he is going next, it is also a learning experience for all of you. I promise you will see towns and villages you never even know existed. I expect we will end up looking some of them up too.

Track Santa with Norad
Their website has lots of other wonderful fun interactive things to do, things to explore at Santas village and games to play. The website even plays Christmas songs.

Track Santa With Nordad

You don’t have to access a computer to track Santa, you can also download the mobile app which is what we will be doing this year as we can look at the app at any time to see where Santa is.

Mobile app to track Santa
The website really is a great way of adding to the magic and excitement of Christmas not that I think E needs to be any more excited than she is. I must admit I enjoy seeing where Santa is especially when its getting close to us when the kids are in bed.
Check out the NORADSanta Tracker Website Here .
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