Snazaroo Face Paint Pens Review

Snazaroo are the most well-known and popular face paint brand. When ever the children have had their face painted at events, the face painter’s have always used Snazaroo paints.

What I love about Snazaroo is that you can buy small face paint set’s to use at home. They are  perfect for when the kids have parties or dressing up days. They have recently bought out a new product, Snazarroo Face Paint Pens.

Snazaroo face paint pens


The pen’s make face painting for us novices a little easier. When the pens turned up E was very excited and couldn’t wait to paint daddy’s face. When ever face paint is involved the children always want to paint daddy’s face, for which I am grateful.

Snazaroo Paint Pens

The Pen’s are very easy to use, you simply twist the bottom until paint is visible. Don’t twist too much or things will get messy. The pack we were sent is the Adventure pack. The Red, Blue and Gold are perfect for painting super hero’s and so much more.

we suggested to E that maybe she could attempt a super hero face on daddy. She started painting his face and J seceded to get in on the action, grabbed hold of the blue pen and drew lines on daddy’s face. I couldn’t stop giggling. It does however prove how easy the pen’s are to use.

Snazaroo Paint Pens


I’m not quite sure what super hero E was thinking off. However with the help of J their finished product is this…

Snazaroo Paint Pens

Apparently its a super butterfly with a very blue nose. You can see J’s input. The kids loved using the pens are they are so easy to use. Next M wanted a go. This time he was going to paint E’s face.

Now, he is very much a super hero fan so I was curious to see what he would attempt.

Snazaroo Paint Pens

I could see straight away that he was going to do Iron Man. This was going to be interesting. E doesn’t even know who Iron an is. I wasn’t sure what this girly girl would think of it.


Snazaroo face paint pens

As expected she has no idea who iron man is, however she loves how her face is painted. I think it is all the gold that she love’s. She kept the face paint on until bedtime so she obviously loved it.


My Opinion

The Snazaroo face paint pens are brilliant. They are simple to use for all ages and I think they would be a great addition to any face painters kit. They make adding some finer details that little bit easier. The only thing you need to be careful off is not twisting the pens too much. If you do you will find there is too much paint on the pen to paint with. We discovered this early on.

There are five different face paint pen sets you can buy and each set costs £9.99 which is a reasonable price for this great product. I think we might end up buying another set so that we have some different colours. Take a look at the different pen sets you can buy on the Snazaroo website.


Disclamer – We were sent the Snazaroo Face Paint Pens to review. All words and opinions are our own.

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