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Sweet Pups Review

When I was sent a sweet pup to review, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. E first looked perplexed by this toy that looked like a pastry, well her words was cake. However once she was given it to play with she thought it was fantastic.

Sweet pupsSweet pups are a new collectible range that is being launched later this year. So this is an exclusive preview. They feature soft puppies hidden in squishy scented pastries.

There are twelve different ones to collect.

Sweet Pups One thing I really noticed when we took our sweet pup out of its box was the smell. It was a really strong sweet scent. E absolutely loved that it smelt nice.

The general concept is that you turn the pastry inside out to reveal a cute little puppy. There is some Velcro at the back so once you have turned it inside out you can keep it together.

Sweet PupsThe sweet pups toy really is cute, I mean just look at the eyes of this cute soft toy.

Sweet pups

Our Thoughts

The Sweet pup’s collectables are pretty cute. I personally found the smell a little over whelming but both the kids seemed to like it. The novelty of turning a pastry inside out to make a puppy is still amusing the children after having it over a week. E doesn’t play with it as much as I thought she would, J however who is two doesn’t stop playing with it. We have puppy cuddles, flying puppies and so much more.

The concept is very simple and endearing and the children seem to like it. I must admit I am also a little curious to see what the others look and smell like. The Sweet Pups are a little pricey for a collectible, as they are expecting them to retail around £7.99. However I expect they will be a sought after collectible once they are released. .


Disclaimer – We were sent this sweet pup in exchange for an honest review.

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