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Our School Easter Holidays

The holidays are now over and we have survived, just about the first day back at school. The two weeks of the school holiday’s flew by. Despite the rubbish start to the holidays when both myself and M had flu. I even wrote a great post about it, A Taste of Australia. It is worth a read.

Much of my parenting style comes from hoping that my kids will learn by example.  Now, perhaps I don’t want them to follow my lead in every situation, but certainly I try to teach my kids a number of important lessons by setting a good example myself. Being Caring and compassionate is one of the may traits I try to instil in them. They have proved to me over the Easter break that they are. They have been brilliant whilst we were poorly and they have been great with each other. This has defiantly made the two weeks Easter holiday more enjoyable.

Over the Easter weekend, despite being poorly we did a little Easter egg hunt around the house for the children, which they both loved so much. Later that day I attempted to sit with the kids whilst they did some arts and crafts. An ink pad and some paper kept them entertained for quite a while.

Easter crafts

E made an Easter themed picture using her fingers to make carrots and then drew little green stalks on and an Easter bunny sat amongst the carrots. J just dabbed his finger in all the colours and made a dotty mess!

By the time Friday after the Easter weekend I felt well enough to go out. We all ventured to Sidmouth for a few hours. A change of scenery and some sea air. J spent the best part of an hour just throwing stones into the sea whilst I just sat relaxing.

Easter fun

It was so nice to all get out. M had taken the kids out a couple of days before then as they needed to get out. It has to be said they were both amazing whilst we were unwell.

We opted to have some chips on the sea front. However, unfortunately they weren’t that great. E enjoyed eating some. Whilst the boys threw stones we had plenty of giggles.

Easter fun

We all had a great time. By the time I got home I was feeling a little worn after not left the house for nine days.

The rest of the Easter holidays were spent getting out and about. E and I went out for lunch with a friend and then back to their house for the girls to play. A truly enjoyable afternoon. I do enjoy eating out, as does E.

Easter treatsIts been so nice spending some time with E, especially as I’m normally home alone with just J. Being around her has made me realise how grown up this little lady is getting. I’m so not ready for her to be seven this year.

E and I also went to Exeter for a day shopping. You would think I had put her in manure over night. All of a sudden she has grown and most of her clothes don’t seem to fit. A day of shopping and lunch on the cathedral green in Exeter was lovely. My bank account might not think so!

The final weekend was spent having last minuet fun. The Saturday we went for a walk down a cycle trail where E finally mastered riding her bike and steering. J just enjoyed running solidly for two miles. On the sunday M spent some time with E and took her to see Peter Rabbit whilst J an I spent an hour throwing stones in a local stream. It really is the simple things that children enjoy.

Easter fun

I loved spending time with J. We got really muddy walking up and down muddy banks. But it was worth it as he was so happy.

I hope you all had a great Easter school holidays. I’m already looking forward to May half term so we can have some fun all together.

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3 thoughts on “Our School Easter Holidays

  1. Glad your both better now, that flu sounded horrible! I’m the same with parenting, leading by example is always the best way 🙂

  2. Sounds like you had such a lovely and full Easer holidays! What did people think of Peter Rabbit? I’ve heard really mixed reviews! Love the idea of the craft bits too 🙂

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