Turning Three

Today E has turned three, how did that happen? Its true when people say the years just fly by. I remember the day she came into the world very clearly from the labour and emergency caesarean to tea and toast and the jacket potato I was given for my evening meal.

Each of E’s birthdays have been memorable too. Looking back at her first birthday, we had a little party/playsession in the garden with some of the mums and children from our ante natal group. The sun was shining and a great day was had by all. She had a hungry caterpillar themed birthday party. E was a very lucky girl and was given a smart trike for her birthday.
Smart Trike

When she turned two we had another play session, luckily the weather was nice again so we all played out in the garden. As a birthday present she had received an outdoor picnic table from her Grandma, this was a great success with the children as everyone loved to sit there eating their party food and running around. Such a difference from her first birthday.

Emily Two years old

This year she has turned three. We had a lovely family tea party this year, unfortunately friends were away so we didn’t give Emily a party with friends this year.

E has had a lovely day and has been truly spoilt. She received a  nice big girl bike, some fantastic dressing up outfits and an amazing Playmobil Dolls house. The family tea party went down well, E absolutely loves party food, especially the jelly and cake, but who doesn’t?

Here are a few pictures from her special day.

3rd birthday Playing with her Playmobil Houseprincess dressing up clothes3rd birthday

The years really have gone quick, there is no denying some of the time things have been really hard. I am certainly not a fan of the terrible two’s. Lets hope being three the tantrums improve.. but I am not optimistic! Wish me luck.






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