What To Look For When Hiring a Tradesman

When it’s time to hire a tradesman to work in your home, it’s so important that you take the decision on who to work with very seriously.  After all, you don’t want to end up looking back with regret at your decision after the job has completed. But this is a common occurrence. People don’t do enough research when it comes to hiring people to work on their home. And as found in this recent poll, a surprising 40% admitted they had a bad experience in the past with a tradesman.   Therefore, here are some things you need to look out for when hiring a tradesman so that you can feel confident and comfortable with your decision.


What supplies do they use?

A lot of people don’t ask their potential tradesman about the supplies they use to complete the job. They just expect that they will be of good quality and from an excellent supplier. However, you might find that if you do hire the tradesman, they could potentially use low-quality supplies they have sourced from a poor trader. For instance, they might have ordered supplies which are low-cost to ensure they make a good profit from the job. And then these might not give you that professional look you were hoping for. Therefore, you want a list of supplies they will need from the job and sites they may get them from. That way, you can research the companies to make sure they are legitimate. You want to ensure they are a reputable business such as Balustrade Components where they are sourcing the parts from. That way, you will feel comfortable that the work will last over time.  By doing research on what they will be buying, you can also make sure you are not getting overcharged. You can also go back to the supplier directly if there are any issues in the future.


They need good reviews and credentials

It’s also so important that you look at the tradesman’s credentials before you hire them to take on the project. You don’t want someone with a lack of qualifications to take on a big job for you. Not only could it go badly wrong, but you might end up disappointed with the finished project. And you might not be able to ask for your money back. Therefore, you want to ask to see the qualifications that the tradesman has. For instance, if they are doing electrical work in your property, they should have a Part P qualification to conduct the work. As well as checking their credentials, you should ask to see any reviews they have from previous customers. For a reputable company, they should have a good range of recommendations you can see. In fact, you might find they have a website where you can see current and past reviews from customers. You can also check sites like Rated People which give you honest reviews from customers of the tradesman. That way, you can feel reassured you are making the right decision.




It can be a very costly error for you if the tradesman makes an error during a project and has no insurance to cover it. It will end up coming out of your pocket and you might not have the funds to make the repair. And if you attempt to take the tradesman to court, it could be a long and expensive process which might end up in a bad result. Therefore, one vital thing you need to do before you make any decisions on hiring a tradesman is to ask to see proof of insurance. If they have certificates they can show you, it will help you to feel confident in hiring them for the job. As Good Housekeeping explains, if they are a good tradesman, they will have valid insurance before starting a project. And by checking the insurance, you will know whether you are hiring a professional and not an inexperienced labourer who will do a poor job.


And whatever you do, you need to check out the contract properly before going with a specific tradesman. You don’t want to find there is extra charges that you weren’t expecting at the end of the job. In fact, you need to have clear confirmation on how the tradesman will charge for the job. You want one price which is the total to pay at the end of the project. That way you can feel comfortable to go ahead.




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