How To Become A Professional Photographer

Photography is one of my many passions. I love nothing more than taking great photos, particularly still life and taking macro photos. Looking for a good composition and natural light to get the best possible photo.

Owning a camera doesn’t straight away make you a professional photographer, no matter how fancy the camera you buy.  However if you enjoy photography and have a good eye for detail and take great photos of family and friends, you might have already considered a career in photography.


Before you take the leap into considering becoming a professional photographer there are many things you need to think about.

Firstly, you need to think about what motivates me, is it just the money? If so it is possibly not the career for you. Being a professional photographer is a very competitive industry. Think about what sort of photography you are interested in making a career in.

A few of the different types of photographers include Aerial photography, fashion, architecture, a candid and portraiture photographer to name just a few. Researching and thinking where your talents lie or what you enjoy the most is a good place to start.

Being a professional photographer isn’t just about taking the photos.  There is a whole host of other task’s. You will need to build up a portfolio to show prospective clients. Liaising with clients can also take up some of your day. it’s not just a case of point and shoot. They will have specific requirements. Once the photos have been the chances are there will be some follow-up editing to ensure the photo meets the standard that is required.

Being a professional photographer may vary in the amount of money you could possibly earn. You area of specialism will also affect the amount you could potentially earn.

To help you learn more about being a professional photographer NCC home learning have produced a fantastic guide with a whole host of information that will help you decide if becoming a professional photographer is for you.



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