Tomy – Greedy Granny – Review

We are a big fan of board games in this house, when it comes to choosing a board game we look for something that will keep the children’s attention. A game that is fun, easy to play and doesn’t last too long. Greedy Granny from Tomy ticks all the boxes.

Greedy Granny

Greedy Granny is a funny, laugh out loud game.. well it is in this house. It is the sort of game that brings the family together. We all love playing it.

What’s in the box?

  • 1 x granny in an armchair (2 pieces)
  • 12 x biscuits
  • 1 x biscuit spinner wheel
  • Granny’s Teeth

Greedy Granny Game


Setting the game up

Greedy Granny is super easy to set up. Simply put the top half of granny into the bottom half of her body and chair. Pop her teeth in, pull back the chair then load all the biscuits into her tray. You are then ready to play.

Greedy Granny

Now like most Granny’s this one is partial to a biscuit or two and she wont be happy if you take her biscuits!


Playing the game

To play each player takes it in turns to spin the dial, depending on the colour it lands on (green to take a biscuit and purple to put one back on the tray) and the number it lands on will tell you what to do next. Take or Put back a biscuit and then press the button to the side of granny the specified amount of time, but be careful not to wake granny!

If you wake her she will jolt forward sending all the biscuits and her teeth flying! The person who wakes granny then needs to put back their biscuits. The winner is the first person to get 1 of each biscuit in their pile without waking granny.

Greedy Granny

Greedy granny is for Children age 5+ and 2-4 players. However, Joshua is nearly three and with a bit of help he loves to play the game with us. He finds it hilarious and loves it when he wakes granny!

Greedy granny

It really is a fun game for all of the family. We had so much fun with Greedy Granny and the children loved it. What we really liked is that is simple to understand, the instructions on the dial are clear. The game is very bright and colourful and a lot of fun. The game appeals to children of all ages.

Greedy granny

When greedy jumps up and throws her biscuits every where it makes me jump. It’s a game with surprise, anticipation and humour. You find yourself on the edge of your seat because you don’t know quite when Granny might wake up. And when she does…watch out…because her false teeth come flying out. Joshua laughs every time Granny wakes up and always says I woke granny when she jumps up on his go.

There is one thing I really love about the game is that it doesn’t take battery’s. Everything in our house seems to take batteries. We could take out shares in them.

Overall, I have to say Greedy Granny is a great game. A quick and easy game that everyone loves to play. I totally recommend buying Greedy Granny as it’s a great game for all the family.

You can purchase Greedy Granny from Smyths Toy Store and Amazon.







Disclaimer – We were sent a copy of Greedy Granny for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions are our own.







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  1. September 4, 2018 / 10:51 am

    This looks like fantastic fun! It seems like a real family game x

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