Our Big Little Tent Festival 2018

A couple of weeks ago we did something in the garden we have never done before. I am not talking about gardening as I seriously don’t have green fingers. However, what we did do was create our own back garden festival for The Big Little Tent Festival.

I have to tell you the whole event was pretty awesome. Think Isle of Wight Festival, Reading.. This was so much better. Firstly it was in our garden in close proximity to a toilet, no port a loo at this festival and  secondly I was able to find my mud free tent at the end of the day.

Big Little Tent Festival25th -27th August earlier this year was the Big Little Tent Festival. The festival is an idea from The Caravan and Motorhome Club to encourage families to get outside and enjoy time together away from television screens and computer games. Garden festivals were happening all over the country. You are not restricted to these date’s, getting outside and having some fun, including camping in the garden you can do any time you like.

Headlining our stage was Alexa playing an assortment of tunes. We had some of the greatest show man music, a few nursery rhymes, the really annoying Baby Shark song by Pink thong and some decent turns from Kodaline, Eminate and a playlist of festival music. There was dancing, bouncing on the trampoline and a lot of general silliness.

We decided to get into the festival vibe. We had fun with festival tattoos and accessories.

Big Little Tent Festival

After all the dancing the kids wanted to play in the tent, it kept them entertained for hours.

Big Tent Little Tent Festival

They started off at pretending to have a tea party, they did have bourbon biscuits and Jammy dodgers. It made it like a proper little tea party.

Big Little Tent Festival

I then put the toy garage into the tent where they played cars for ages. After which it was time for lunch. Our festival food included sandwiches, sausage rolls, crisps and fruit. No greasy burgers at this festival.

Big Little TTent festival

Lunch was then followed by marshmallows. No camp fire was allowed at this festival so they were just munched on. E absolutely loved them. in this photo you can also see all her festival tattoo’s.

After a lot of in the tent playing it was time to get out in the fresh air. A little bit of pavement art.

Big Little Tent Festival

Both of the children absolutely loved this. After this the children played other games in the tent, danced more to some top festival tunes, ate more food and before we knew it we were battling our way through scattered toy’s to set up the tent ready for bedtime. E decided she wanted daddy to camp with her.

Whilst they camped I sat inside drinking Prosecco. Until the festival campers fell asleep they kept sending requests via a walkie-talkie.

I enjoyed a little bit of peace and quiet after a busy day at out Big Little Tent Festival. I have already had requests that we can do it all again. It just shows that spending time outdoors, it doesn’t matter where or what you do, its great fun.


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