Where is my voice

Where Is My Voice?

It’s been a little while since I have posted on the blog. It’s not because I don’t have anything to say, it is however down to sickness!

September starts, the children are back at school and the bugs have hit the house. It started with J, before he started pre school. I have no idea where he picked it up from but it knocked him for six for a few days. Then the cough started so we have had a few sleepless nights.

I was next to get the cold, hardly surprising really seeing as I am around him 24/7 . Every time I am poorly it goes straight to my throat, as soon as I get that scratchy feeling I just know what lies ahead. The sore throat, mild temperature and feeling pretty rotten. The most frustrating part of being poorly this time is that I have lost my voice. No voice, two children and things to do is hard going.

I am coming through the cold, still a little bunged up and the occasional cough. However, I still have no voice. Its developed from a croak to a more husky sound. I swear I must sound like someone who smokes fifty a day!

Seeing as its been over a week since I posted, I thought I would give you a little glimpse into what we have been up to.

I finally managed to get a photo of these two before school. As J missed his first morning at preschool I hadn’t managed to get a photo. J is only doing a Tuesday morning and Friday afternoon until he gets his full funding in January.

Where is my voice

This was the best of a bad bunch! It is however nice to have a photo of both of them.

I have managed to attend a couple of blogger events in the last week or so. Here is a healthy me, however still not looking great,  before I was stricken down with the awful cold. I actually had a voice here which was great for the event.

Where is my voice


We were fortunate to be sent a Fingerlings Hugs to review – which will be coming soon. The Fingerlings Hug is pretty awesome and has been keeping the kids entertained, even the big kids in the house. We think its pretty cool.

Where is my voice


Recently I was lucky enough to be invited to an Estee Lauder blog event. I will be writing about this soon and sharing with you some great new products we were introduced to, I will also be sharing some make up tips that I learned from the evening. It was unfortunately after this event when my voice started to croak.

Where is my voice

I have never been a fan of Autumn, don’t get me wrong, The colours are very pretty. I am however a summer girl. Summer and warmth mean flip-flops, shorts, longer nights and BBQ’s, what isn’t there to love? Autumn brings colder weather, rain and flipping bugs and colds, oh and me loosing my voice!

The children however love running around in the leaves, kicking and throwing them. E however still wants to wear shorts! Maybe I will warm to Autumn eventually.

Where is my voice


Last night I attended possibly one of the best events in a while. The Style in Exeter press launch reception. We were introduced to some of the great items  from retailers in Exeter. I love some of  Autumns new trends. Injecting some colour into your wardrobe, animal print is a big trend as is logo t-shirts. And how to dress for different body shapes. I think it’s reaching the time to maybe update my wardrobe. Despite not being a fan of Autumn I have to admit some of the colours are lovely, particularly the mustard shades.

Where is my voiceI only had a croak of a voice at this event last night, however I still managed to meet some lovely people. Networked  with the lovely lady’s from the white company and I met the personal stylists from John Lewis. It was a great evening and I am so glad I went as I nearly cancelled due to the lack of voice.

As you can see I have still been rather busy. I was more productive before the cold hit me and since then I haven’t had the motivation to do anything. I am really hoping my voice returns soon as does my motivation.

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