Working Mums and Stay-At-Home Mums Have The Exact Same Day

The other day while talking with a friend who works full time and is a fantastic parent  about the ridiculousness of the so-called “Mummy Wars”, I realized that regardless of whether a mum is working out of the home or in the home, they are both essentially spending their day doing the same things.

Below are 10 undeniable Ways Working Mums and Stay-At-Home Mums Have The Exact Same Day… 

1. Mornings SUCK. Every morning, every mum, is up way too early to have enough time to make breakfast, pack lunches and get everyone dressed and started on their day… Then spend whatever time is left trying to make herself look presentable.

2. Both wipe asses all day. Whether it’s a kid or a boss, someone needs their ass wiped.

3. Both clean up messes all day… that they didn’t make. Whether it’s a kid or colleague, someone is making a big mess that needs cleaning up.

4. Both can’t get a thing done. Whether it’s a kid, coworkers, clients… someone is doing their best to keep kill productivity, and it’s working.

5. Lunch is an afterthought. Whether at home or the office, lunch constitutes wolfing something down so fast the taste is barely detected.

6. Both entertain children and their silly ideas. ALL DAY. It never fails that the absolute WORST, great ideas and bad jokes make up the majority of the day.

7. At 5:00pm the work day is FAR from over. To a mum, 5:00pm means it’s time to shift into night-mom mode; Make dinner, baths, bedtime, prepare for the next day.

8. Bedtime is the best time. The minute the kid(s) are asleep, all mum’s do the happy dance.

9. Both spend the evening doing all kinds of things they don’t want to.  Even though all anyone wants to do after a long day is sit down and relax, mums can’t until the dishes are done, the laundry is done, the clothes are laid out, and the next day is prepped for.

10. Both crawl into bed EXHAUSTED! After all the ass wiping, mess cleaning, constant interruptions, poor nutrition and caring for the family’s every need, who wouldn’t be EXHAUSTED?

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