Leapfrog Read With Me Scout Review

We are a huge fan of leapfrog toys in the house, ever since E was a baby and now that J has come along more leapfrog toys have come into the house. J loves his My Pal Scout and E thinks its great too so I just knew that they would love Read with Me Scout, particularly E.

Leapfrog Toys

Not only is Scout a cute adorable puppy he is also an educational toy. Any toy that is fun and teaches the children something is great in my books.

Read With Me Scout is aimed at children aged two-five. He comes with five books and aims to entertain and encourage your child to read. He is a wonderful interactive toy that will read along with your child. He has two modes, ‘Story Time’ where Scout reads the book and your child can read along with him and interacts with him,  he asks questions and tells you to pat his head to turn the page – and ‘Sleepy Time’ which will read the story straight through and then play eight minutes of lullaby music. You can select which mode you want by the sliding switch on the side of his collar.

Scouts collar has five buttons on it that corresponds to the books. The Books are:-

  1. Let’s Go Camping
  2. Let’s Find Scout’s Toy
  3. Let’s Have a Party
  4. Let’s Cheer Up Eli
  5. Let’s Learn About The Weather

Read with me scout

The books alone are great to read, they are bright and colourful with just a few sentences on each page.

Once you have decided which book you want to read you press the number on the collar and scout will read along with you. The style of the leapfrog books make them appealing to children. All of the books also teach different things such as teaching rhyme and repetition, exploring colours and the world around you and much more.

As well as the collar there are five different interactive spots on Scout,  the star on his head, a heart on his cheek, a musical note and a bone on his paws and a spot on his back to pat, when in story time these all generate interactive comments and music from Scout.

When scout first arrived in the house E was at school, however J was keen to have a look.

A One year old with Read with me Scout

He recognised that he looked similar to My Pal Scout – after this photo was taken and he had a little play then he went over and picked up his My Pal Scout. He absolutely loved it when I turned it on and it made a noise!

When E got in from school she instantly spotted Read with Me Scout and she was very excited and keen to see what he did. So after getting him out of the box, which surprisingly didn’t take long, a lot of toys these days are a mission to get into.

Once it was open I explained to her about the colour and numbers of the books indicates which buttons to press on his collar, she instantly loved him.

Five year old with read with me scout

E is at the higher end of the age scale and I did wonder if she would find the toy babyish but she enjoys using him even though she can read the books alone. If I had known about Read With Me Scout before I would have bought it when she was younger to get more use out of it. It is going to be great to use with Joshua as he gets older as he is already fascinated by it.

At first I noticed how loud Scout was but then I discovered that here is a volume switch on his belly – just move the velcro out of the way.

We love Scout in this house, I love that the toy is promoting literacy from a young age and that it is simple enough for a child to use alone when they want to.

With a RRP of £29.99 I think it is very much worth the money and would make a great present for any young child. You can buy Read With Me Scout from the Leapfrog store or from other retailers.

Here is a small clip of E using Read With Me Scout for the first time, for her first time using him I think she did pretty good.

Disclosure – We received this toy in exchange for our honest opinions.

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  1. November 9, 2016 / 6:46 am

    This looks like such a good Christmas gift, I may have to purchase this for Amelie. Well done Emily, great reading. Love Leapfrog toys!

    • lynseyward78
      November 9, 2016 / 9:04 am

      Amelie would love it as would Charlie. It’s fun and I think it can definitely help with treading.

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