Am I growing a giant baby?

Yesterday I had a standard 27 weeks midwife appointment, my lovely midwife, who is a little on the scatty side but never the less she really is lovely, came round to my house for the appointment to make things easier for me.

After running half an hour late she turned up, we got my pregnancy notes out and went though all the usual standard stuff..  First asking how I am, tired… that’s how I am. She took my blood pressure which is still low, crazy low! But she isn’t worried about it as low blood pressure doesn’t affect the baby like high blood pressure. Apparently with low blood pressure I should be feeling pretty rough. Dizzy, nausea and just crappy, but no I have none of that.. just tired!

The urine was tested which is all fine and then it was time to take some blood to test for iron levels, I do think I may have low iron, if I do then it explains why I am feeling so tired. Well that coupled with looking after a hyperactive four year old.

Then came the measuring of the bump, for her reply to be crikey. So this week I am in my 27 week of pregnancy and the bump -fundal measurement – was measuring two weeks ahead and above the 98th Centile – which for you that don’t know is the highest measurement line. When I was pregnant with Emily she was on the 42nd centile so under the 50 average and she has followed that ever since she was born also. She weighed a lovely 7lb and 10.5oz. The midwife reckons this one could be a big baby, but we shall see. Next week I have a growth scan booked so I will get to see if measurements are accurate or not.

I am a very slim person as you have all seen, so I am just all bump! I am carrying low which means I am feeling the weight of the baby which wears me out at times. I haven’t put any extra weight on despite having a weakness for doughnuts, it’s just baby weight. She doesn’t even think there is a lot of water as when she touched the bump she could easily feel the foot which is cute. So the question is am I growing a giant baby?!

We then listened to the baby’s heartbeat which was nice and healthy, the baby had hiccups at the time which was funny and the baby’s heartbeat was 159 bpm this week.

As a whole the baby seems very happy and I am apparently very healthy – despite the low blood pressure and feeling tired, oh and the heartburn – that really is annoying me now!

I am looking forward to a 28 week growth scan as we get to see the baby again which is always a bonus and E will be coming with us as she will have broken up from school so she will also get to see the little wriggler!

Until then I am putting my feet up and resting whilst I can, not that easy with E running around!

Big bump



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2 thoughts on “Am I growing a giant baby?

  1. I love reading your updates, sounds like the baby is flourishing – which is good 🙂
    Sending love, Will be good when you don’t have to keep travelling to and from the school for summer. Take time to relax and enjoy the pregnancy x

  2. O this took me back memory lane and made me feel broody! I still can’t get my head around the fact that our babies grow at all in our tummies! My word! My bump will forever baffle me 🙂 All the best with your 28 weeks growth scan; hope the relevant medical professional is on time this time 🙂 #CommentLuv

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