An Interview With My Three Year Old

I thought now that E has a better command of the English language and how she can come out with some funny things, I would interview her with 20 questions and see what her replies are. This could be something that I do over a period of time to see how her answers changes.

1) What is something that Mummy says to you? I want you to be silly (this is not something I say to her)

2) What makes you happy? A bird! (She is currently looking at a bird in the garden)

3. What makes you sad? Daddy! (I can only assume it’s because he goes away a lot.)

4. What makes you laugh? Peppa Pig

5. How old are you? I’m three!

6. How old is Mummy? Old!

7. How old is Daddy? Five!  (well he cant be known to act like a child!)

8. What is your favourite thing to do? Play dough, can we play playdough now mummy?

9. Who is your best friend? Mummy is (cute!)

10. What are you really good at? Being a ballerina (looks like ballet lessons are on the cards!)

11. What are you going to do today? Playdough and dressing up.

12. What is your favourite food? Carrots, they make me see in the dark mummy.

13. What is your favourite song? Mary, Mary (quite contrary…)

14. What is your favourite colour? Red

15. What is your favourite animal? Sheep, because I like sheep mummy.

16. What did you dream about? I don’t know, but I could hear an owl in my bed last night!

17. What is your favourite toy? Pram (she takes her dolls for lot of walks in it)

18: What is your favourite fruit? Grapes, can I have grapes now mummy?

19. What is your favourite book? Goes off to choose one…That’s not my bunny.

20. What is your favourite thing to do outside? Hula hoop

Some of E’s answers really made me smile! I do wonder what her answers will be the next time I interview her in the future!


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