Questions, Answers, and Silence

I would like to think that I know the answers to all E’s wonderings, but I don’t. I don’t really even come close. Thank god for Google. And sometimes even when I do know the answer, I don’t explain because I am too tired/too grumpy /talking to someone else or just too busy, She came to talk to me whilst I was making dinner and she has asked around 37 questions already and I just want it to be quiet for one minute. ONE MINUTE!

I have even attempted the lets see who can be quiet for the longest game, E clearly isn’t stupid enough to fall for that one!

Here are a few from the last few days that have left The me a little flabbergasted:

E: Mummy how do they get salt out of the sea?

E: Mummy where does the light go when you turn it off

E: What are stars made off

E: Why does it rain

E: Why does daddy stand up when he goes for a wee

E  also says some funny things, totally innocent but really do make me laugh here are a few of her little quips from today.

When she woke this morning she proudly told me “I didn’t sleep on my back last night; I slept on my bellybutton.”

This morning I said  “I’m going go take a shower.”
E *sniffs* “Yeah, you do smell a little.”

Having a three-year old in the house might well be turning me grey but she does also make me laugh.
What sort of funny questions do your children ask?

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