Beefeater Restaurant Countess Wear Exeter Review

When I was asked to review the newly refurbished Beefeater at the Countess Wear in Exeter I was delighted, we love eating out as a family even though it can sometimes be challenging with a four year old. When I told E we were going to a restaurant for tea she was extremely excited as she knows it’s a big treat.

Having eaten there once or twice before the refurbishment I was looking forward to seeing what they had done and how different it was.

The first thing I noticed when we arrived was that the outside of the building had obviously been painted and was looking nice and clean. There is plenty of car parking available and we were fortunate to get one close to the entrance which was lucky with the awful wet weather.

Beefeater Countess Wear Exeter

When we entered the restaurant the first thing I saw was the fab Hello sign made out of grass, this looked great on the wall and added a modern touch to a chain restaurant.

Beefeater Exeter

We were greeted by an extremely friendly young man who took our reservation details and then took us to our table and gave us the menu’s. He then told us who would be looking after us for the evening. Not long had he left a very chirpy waitress appeared and asked about drink orders whilst we were looking at the menu and also asked if we wanted to order any flat bread sharers, we decided not too as I wanted to be able to enjoy the rest of my meal and not feel too full!

Whilst browsing the extensive, extremely yummy looking menu I also had a little look around, I have to say I really liked the feel of the place, there is seating set out on different levels with many tables just up and down a few steps. These created a sense of space in the restaurant and it also made you feel like you had some privacy, unlike other family chain restaurants where you feel like your all sat next to each other. We were sat in a booth similar to this one..

Beefeater Exeter

Except ours had a view across the restaurant and you could also see the open kitchen from our table, E thought this was great and kept watching the chefs in the kitchen and looking out for our food.

Beefeater Countess Wear

As we arrived as 5pm we had the choice of eating of the main menu or the lunch time menu which is also extensive, we chose to go with the main menu. The children’s menu is all Mr Men themed which E loved and had a great variety of food and not all of it I would class as unhealthy food. There are different meal options at different prices such as a main meal and drink, main meal, taste bud tickler and drink or desert instead of taste bud tickler or an option for all of the items.

Beefeater kids menuE opted for Mr Perfects Pop-in chicken, chip and beans with a drink and a desert which she was going to choose later.

When it came for us choosing what to eat I already knew I was going to have steak, ever since I have been low on iron I have been eating a lot of red meat and loving it. My hubby also opted for steak so we ordered two 10oz rump steaks with a side of onion rings and coleslaw.

When we placed our order we were told that the meal comes with bottomless chips which I thought was amazing, same with our drinks as we opted for soft fizzy drinks they were also bottomless.

Whilst waiting for our food E was given a Mr men activity pack which came with colouring pencils and also a plastic moulded little miss sunshine figure. Inside there was colouring, puzzles and a game to play. This was great as it kept her busy whilst we were waiting, fortunately we didn’t have to wait too long for our food so she didn’t get bored.

When our food turned up it certainly made my mouth water, the steak looked amazing and the food as a whole for all of our meals was really well presented and looked extremely appetising.

Beefeater Countess Wear ExeterThe Beefeater pride themselves on their steak’s, our waitress was apparently an expert on steak but as we already knew what we wanted we didn’t have to ask her any questions.

Around the restaurant there was various pieces of cow art work, it has to be said my favourite was the actual wooden cow highlighting the different areas on a cow and what meat it is.

Beefeater cowOnce we had finished with our main courses, including the bottomless chips that just appeared on our table when we had eaten so many of our plates, we ordered desserts.

E decided she wanted to order the ice cream funny face sundae which came with ice cream, a cone, mini smarties, foam teeth and strawberry laces all to turn your ice cream into a funny face. Something fun and novel. I was torn between the black forest gateaux and the Eton mess sundae. In the end I went with the black forest gateaux and Martin chose the chocolate and honeycomb sundae.

Well when my desert turned up I was literally stumped for words except wow! On the menu it says a slice of gateaux, for some reason in my head I envisaged a small ish triangle piece of cake. What turned up was amazing.

Black Forest Gateux at BeefeaterNow that is what I call a dessert! It not only looked amazing but tasted amazing. So light, fluffy and full of flavour. The little wriggler in my tummy certainly enjoyed it too as once I was half way through it was moving around like crazy.

I didn’t get chance to get a photo of E’s funny face sundae as she had already tucked into it. The idea is great but once you have put your funny face together it was quite hard and messy to eat but she enjoyed herself. M told me his Honeycomb and chocolate sundae was extremely tasty and it didn’t take him long to polish it off.

Beefeater sundaeThe angle of this photo does the sundae no justice as it was really big! He told me that there was loads of honeycomb in the sundae and they certainly hadn’t scrimped on it.

Overall I was really impressed with our visit to the Beefeater Restaurant Countess Wear in Exeter, the refurbishment of this establishment has made a standard chain pub/restaurant stand out. Its cosy, well furnished, brilliant decor and adds to the enjoyment of the visit. The food really was amazing and the menu is really extensive. I would definitely go back to the restaurant again, even though it is marginally more expensive than other chains but you get what you pay for and for a few pounds more we had amazing service, outstanding food and a really enjoyable evening. And E wanted to point out that she loves the activity pack and the balloons she was given at the end the most!

If you’re in the area and looking for somewhere to eat I totally recommend popping into the Beefeater, like us you wont be disappointed.


Disclaimer- We were given £50 vouchers towards our meal for the purpose of this visit, not all costs were covered and all words and opinions are that of our own.





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