Bump Watch Week 15-20

As I finally announced my pregnancy on Monday with the blog post ‘ Our Little Secret’ I can now share some of my bump watch photos that I have taken in the last few weeks.

I didn’t take photos for the first fifteen weeks. There was nothing to see and with my husband working away there was no one to ask – after all it was a secret, my ‘selfie’ attempts are certainly not worth sharing!

The pregnancy so far has been going pretty well. The first twelve weeks I was tired and running around after E didn’t help this, I had lots of early nights. I had a little bit of nausea but no actual sickness, most of the nausea was when I was really tired. I developed an aversion to the smell of garlic, particularly garlic bread.. yuk! And the worst aversion in the world occurred, I couldn’t eat cake! Even the thought of the taste and texture of it in my mouth made me feel funny. I was not amused. But I did develop a love for coca cola which was weird as I don’t normally even drink the stuff and I couldn’t get enough of potatoes.

The down sides to the pregnancy so far has been cold sores, I have never had them in my life until now and I have had three already. I have also been poorly twice, the first time was a bad virus that E also had and the other time a bad head cold. But as it stands at twenty weeks I am well, not a hideous growth on my mouth to be seen and not a sniffle or cough to be heard, long may it continue.

Here are the bump watch photos.

Baby at 15 weeksAt 15 weeks there isn’t much to see, a small bump was starting to slowly develop. My energy increased at this stage and I felt the baby move for the first time. I think I felt it before 15 weeks but this week I was more sure that it was baby movement, nice fluttering’s and other strange sensations.

I still couldn’t eat cake at 15 weeks. However I developed a love for Lasagna, its tastes more amazing than normal. I have also taken to eating apples. I really enjoy them and can easily eat a couple a day or more…

Baby at 17 weeks

17 Weeks

Not much change to be noted at 17 weeks. The baby movements are a lot more noticeable and my clothes are become a little more restrictive and not as comfortable. I had a midwife appointment at 16 weeks where I got to hear the heartbeat which was lovely. The baby had a very fast heartbeat and the little wriggler wouldn’t sit still. The midwife even said based on old wife tales with the movement and fast heart beat she wouldn’t be surprised if its a girl. This made me chuckle, poor Martin if we end up with two girls!

Great news at 17 weeks.. I could eat cake again! Not that I really wanted it, instead I wanted to eat doughnuts! As I sit here writing this I am enjoying a nice glass of coke and a doughnut.. bliss!

Baby at 19 weeks

Nineteen weeks

It was becoming more obvious that I was pregnant. I am even a little impressed that I was still managing to hide the fact that I am pregnant. The use of baggy jumpers and my body warmer worked well. I did wonder if some people locally may have noticed. By the end of the 19th week I had finally given in to wearing maternity clothes, only leggings and a top but wow! there is no going back now, so comfortable. It was at the end of week 19 we had our scan and got the news that all is well.. So week 19 was a great week!

20 week baby bumpTwenty Weeks

These photos were taken at the start of the week. My cute little bump is slowly expanding and the little wriggler inside is making a lot of movement. E got to feel the baby move for the first time on Monday which was amazing for her. She comes across as excited and talks about the baby quite a lot, it’s all very cute! I am feeling well at the moment, still enjoying doughnuts and coca cola a lot.  Eating simple foods like jacket potatoes with lots of cheese and beans taste great. I do wonder whether its going to be a boy or a girl.. I like the guessing, makes it fun!

Keep an eye out for a weekly pregnancy bump week by week updates.


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Pregnancy week 15-20



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  1. Rachael Lines
    June 3, 2015 / 9:13 am

    Aww these are amazing pictures! Thank you for sharing them.
    Huge congratulations on your amazing news!

    I like how you have likened the baby to the size of fruit.. you could have done it in cake sizes if you are craving that, haha x

    Fondant fancy, Kipling slice.. Jam doughnut.. Black Forest Gateaux family size.. om nom – Looking forward to seeing baby grow 🙂

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