Don’t Wait To Be Happy

For ages, I’ve told myself that ‘once this is over’ or after I ‘just get this one done’ I’ll be happy and less stressed.

Every second we get is precious.  We need to stop waiting for permission or the best time to enjoy our lives and be happy. There are always more rubbish things to do, more washing to hang out.

Right now I’m going to stop waiting until I do a certain thing or reach my goals to be happy and enjoy life.

So many people around me are smashing goals. They are motivated and for some reason, I’m not on the train, yet.

I lost my wonderful dad only a couple of months ago and this has hit me hard.  I am putting my lack of motivation down to that.

In saying that, I’m working away on projects that not many people know about. I am trying to focus on my future and what I want to achieve.

There is something humbling in just doing things and no one knowing about it and not having to be acknowledged for it. It makes you be your own champion.

They say it’s the quiet ones you have to watch, while I’m definitely not quiet. I am however a lot quieter than I used to be.

Tonight dinner will be something easy like jacket potatoes. I am hoping the kids will be quiet because they will be playing outside, on the IPad or just being at peace with each other. I just need to make my life a little simpler and stress-free for a while. By doing so I am hoping that all my motivation will return and I will start smashing my goals.

Being happy with yourself and your current life can be challenging, but remember this life is to short. Face challenges face on, enjoy adventures, live for the moment and make memories ( Very important!) and be happy with what you have. I know this is what I now aspire to be.





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