Fingerlings Hugs Review

Do you remember last year that the Fingerlings were one of the most wanted toys? If you haven’t heard of them i have to ask, have you been hiding under a rock? We have one of the smaller fingerlings in our house, it cuddles your finger and is pretty cute. WowWee have now released the Fingerlings Hugs, a plush monkey that is fun to play with.

Fingerling HugsThis cool looking monkey is called Boris, there is also a pink one available that is called Bella.

Both the children were super excited when i took Boris out of its packaging. Whilst it was on demo mode you could press its ear to get an idea of what the monkey does. However once we turned it onto play mode i was really impressed. There are plenty of talking, interactive type soft toys on the market but Boris is on a different level. I don’t know about the children but I could happily play with Boris over and over.

Fingerlings hugs is so cute.Fingerling hugs

Having spent a long time playing with Boris I can now tell you about what he can do. Which is a lot more than I thought.

Boris likes a lot of attention – typical boy right? When he is getting grumpy its time to let him have a sleep. Lay him on his back and he will start to fall asleep and snore. We are all a big fan of kisses with Boris. If you kiss his mouth he will kiss back, the longer your hold your mouth there the longer the kiss he will give back. If you turn Boris upside down and kiss him he gives you a raspberry kiss.

As well as kisses Boris loves to hug. He has Velcro on his hands so they can stick them together and give him hugs. You can also swing her around to hear lots of different monkey sounds. He gets very excited.

I discovered how to make him burp, all you need to do is pat his back, some burps are small and others are very long which. You can also make Boris fart by shaking him, it has taken me a while to master this one.

Fingerlings Hugs

Another couple of fun features are making Boris Laugh. Tickle his tummy and he will laugh a lot and a feature we all really love is the speech. Press Boris ear and speak to him and he will then repeat back what you have said.

The Fingerlings hugs are so much fun and is a toy that the children keep going back to which gives it a thumbs up from me.

You can buy the fingerlings Hugs from good retailers including Amazon. Here you can see how cute Bella is. The Fingerlings Hugs are Age 2+ which makes is perfect for both of my children.

Any child would be delighted to receive a Fingerlings Hugs as a gift. We love Boris and I totally recommend them.



Disclaimer – We were gifted a Fingerlings Hugs for the purpose of this review.

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