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Infacol Colic Awareness Month plus Win a White Company Sleeping Bag

When both of my children were little we used Infacol a lot to help with our children’s Colic and general wind problems. I personally think we would have been lost without it.

Did you know that infant colic affects 1 in 5 babies? However 1 in 3 mum’s admit that they don’t know what it is. When our youngest cried for hours I had no idea what was wrong.

This month is Colic Awareness month. Infacol are working to help raise awareness of Infant Colic with the support of Cry-sis.

Cry-sis is the only parenting charity that is dedicated to supporting parents through excessive crying.

To support the awareness campaign, Infacol carried out some research called ‘Stress in the First Six Months’ which found that 95% of parents find having a baby stressful, 82% agree that living up to expectations of being a good parent is stressful and excessive crying in infants is stressful for 85% of mums and dads. That is a lot of stress!

Many parents might try to soothe their crying baby with lullabies and background noise. Others, however,  are turning to modern technology to try to better understand the reasons behind the tears. A new app has been developed which claims to be able to interpret an infant’s cry. Using acoustics of cries from thousands of babies, ‘Chatterbaby” claims that it can help a parent decipher a cry of hunger, pain, tiredness, or if a baby is simply fed-up. 

Infacol carried out a survey of 500 mums and dads with babies under the age of two. They found that one in three parents would be willing to try an app like this, if it helped to calm their infant.

If you think your baby might have colic, here are some signs to look out for that will help you identify whether or not your baby may need to try Infacol – Britian’s number one colic remedy. It’s important to remember that if your baby does have colic, it’s not your fault! It doesn’t mean that you’re doing anything wrong or that your baby is unwell. Rest assured your little one will get better eventually.

For more information on infant colic, you can visit To get advice on excessive crying, including one-on-one phone support, visit


Infacol is giving one of my lucky readers a chance to win a White Company sleeping bag for age 0-6 months. 

This gorgeous bag is worth £32.  This is bound to keep your little one cosy.


For a chance to win this competition enter via the app below.

Closing Date 15/10/2018

Win a White Company Sleeping Bag age 0-6 months

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101 thoughts on “Infacol Colic Awareness Month plus Win a White Company Sleeping Bag

  1. I’d give it to my sister, who’s due a baby boy in February, my first baby nephew (we only have nieces on both sides of our family)! So excited! Yay!!

  2. I would give this to my sister Laura who is due in December. It will keep my little niece/nephew nice and cosy over the winter months.

  3. Would use it for my 11 week old daughter Sophia. She has infacol before every feed, I think it definitely helps with wind. Means that it’s easier to keep her calm with cuddles, lights down and winding down in the evening.

  4. We tried so many things to help with our LO’s colic/gas/reflux and Babies magic tea was the ONLY thing that would make her feel better. I purchased this after realizing my poor baby had terrible gas and would writhe in pain to try and release it. I figured it would be a good idea to try it on the bubs.

  5. I’d give it to my sister in law who is expecting! She’d love this, and I’d love to gift it to my little baby niece or nephew!

  6. My best friend who is due baby number 5, I wouldn’t have been without my sleeping bag I’d call it a must have.

  7. I would keep this gorgeous sleeping bag for the new addition we have just discovered is joining our little family in the Spring.

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