It’s all about going to the Cafe!

E seems to have an obsession about going to coffee shops or as she call’s them cafe’s. I can only think this has stemmed from her Daddy taking her to a café when she gets fed up when we are out shopping. She is a clever little girl, from her visits she now knows she gets a drink and shares a cake with daddy.

I have never really been a part of their little café trips and what they get up to, I am normally the one left to do the food shopping, however I don’t mind if he takes her off for a drink whilst I am window shopping in Exeter. Trying clothes on with a three-year old in tow isn’t that easy, especially as E likes to open and close the curtains of the cubicle!

The other week we were in the Range shopping and E spots a café and asks if they can go and have a drink, as it happens was a warm day and we could all do with a drink. So here I was, involved in one of their trips to a café. All I can say is that the excitement she had was like the excitement I would have if could be locked in a sweet shop! She was so happy, she enjoyed picking her drink and then came the cake selection. This seemed to be an important part of their trips. She chose a massive chocolate chip muffin.
Cake in a coffee shopI am pleased to say that she did share her massive muffin and it was very tasty!

The other day we popped into Tesco to pick up a few bits, I normally do my food shopping online for ease an dragging a three-year old around isn’t fun. Daddy took her off for a drink, after I had finished paying I went to meet them and sure enough there was more cake! Its official E loves cake!

In Exmouth, where we live we seem to have an abundance of Coffee shops. Many of the locals that are fed up with living here make comment about how all Exmouth has is coffee shops, charity shops and phone shops! We chose to live here and I totally agree, however we do have an amazing beach too!

The many coffee shops makes trips to town with E interesting, she always without fail asks if we can go to a coffee shop. I have learnt to distract her as it all costs money which adds up. Today however she had been a good girl and as it was hot I said yes to going to a café. We have a place called the bookrest, its above a book shop and is lovely. There is also a children’s play area, it has a few boxes of toys which E enjoys playing with whilst waiting for her drink. It’s nice to have a really child friendly coffee shop. Today she chose apple juice and we had a cupcake to share, yet again she was so excited and turned round and said ‘this is fun, isn’t it mummy’, this made me smile.

cafe5I am making E realise that trips to the café are a treat and not something to be expected. We have recently started playing Cafe’s at home which she loves to play, she gets out her till and pays for her drink and cookie, she then sits a her little table and chairs just like she would at a café.  If it keeps her happy then that’s a good thing.

Do your little ones have any bizarre obsessions or things they are interested in?


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2 thoughts on “It’s all about going to the Cafe!

  1. My daughter is going through a stage of dressing herself and throwing complete tantrums when I try to get her to wear something she doesn’t want to. I had to give her a laundry basket of her own, because she was getting changed 3/4 times a day – and the clothes were clean.. just creased! Apparently.. its quite normal 😉

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