Toilet Training

My Struggles With Toilet Training.

I believe there must be a lot of mothers who like me who must be struggling with toilet training. I spoke to a couple of friends and also to a few mothers i befriended in the toddler play groups. However i was not able to get them to divulge the details of how they managed. They were unanimous that this was not a problem for them. Mothers with two children said the elder one learnt on their own and the second one learnt by watching the elder one. Great!!!

The two olderladies in my life, my mother and my mother in law remember very less of it now. However they claim they too did not struggle with it.  Their babies got potty trained on their own. How much I wish for my Daughter would have been like their perfect children ( who are off course my husband and me). They are also very quick to blame the nappy culture for making this thing a big issue. My support system in the form of my mother and mother in law did very little to boost my morale. It only fuelled my anxiety. What were we doing wrong?.

Toilet Training

As a last resort, I turned to the internet . My attempt at finding out info about any mothers struggling in this area to get some moral support in my own struggles, at least, led me to other stories all with the outcome that they did it on their own eventually.

My daughter Emily is three at the end of May and is as stubborn as they come! She has become complacent and it doesn’t seem to bother her sitting in wet pants.
The frustration I’m having is that the first weekend of January she took herself off to the toilet.  She did a wee on there on her own accord. Daddy then went back to work after two weeks leave, the day he went back she refused to use the toilet. We just assumed the disruption upset her.  We left it hoping she would do it again when she was ready. Three months later and nothing! We have tantrums trying to get her to sit on the toilet and when she finally gives in she will sit on it but won’t even contemplate having a wee.

We have made the decision just to put her into pants hoping this will help. Day three of this and still nothing. She will wet herself and quite happily sit in wet clothes.

Is there really an answer or solution to the potty training saga?

Would love to hear what worked for you?

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2 thoughts on “My Struggles With Toilet Training.

  1. I honestly think 3 is a great age to do potty training. So many parents start way to young and the child’s not ready….it just pushes them back. I had already learnt this with my first daughter. So I was TOTALLY laid back with daughter number 2. Around 2. 8 months we plopped a potty in the living room and oohed and aaahd at it. I let her sit on it and clapped and did a stupid mum dance. Then I didn’t mention it again for a while. I let her see me on the toilet and said “mummy’s using her potty now! Do I get a hip hip hooray?” At some point I mentioned in passing that she could use her potty if she wanted too. Then I left it. Still….if she sat on it whilst playing I gave huge praise.

    One day I showed her a pair of princess knickers. She loved them, so I made out that they were VERY special, but it would let her wear them as she was so good. I said if she could, try to go wee on the potty though, so her knickers stay dry and she can keep wearing them.

    That was it really. A few mishaps as her little bladder adjusted. That was around her 3rd birthday. I forgot we had a book too. It was amazing. Potty training for girls I think it was called. About a little girl called Hannah. I just read it like a story occasionally. But she loved it x

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