Starry Night

Starry Night by Vincent Van Gough – mini masterpiece


Galt are encouraging people to get creative and make their own mini masterpieces inspired by Vincent Can Gough’s Starry Night.

E absolutely loves arts and crafts and was excited to try something new.

At the beginning of the year Galt asked famous artist Ed Chapman to recreate Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe portrait using arts and crafts materials by Galt toys, this showcased that amazing art work can be created with the right materials and good imagination. This has then lead on to Galt Toys doing their own mini masterpiece series.

Using the six templates that will be available to download from the Galt toys activity zone, they are encouraging children to get creative and paint or decorate their own mini masterpiece.

Last month Galt toys shared with you a wonderful Monet piece of art where you could download the template and create your own mini masterpiece, they were then in with a chance of winning a wonderful craft bundle worth £50.

Galt Toys kindly sent us a wonderful sequins craft set, which gave us inspiration that wonderful pictures can be made up with a variety of craft items.


Step One

Print out the Starry Night template on some white card from the Galt Activity Zone.

starry night

Step Two

Choose which craft materials you plan to use. Emily chose a selection of paints, glitter and sequins.


Step Three

I covered the bottom half of the picture up. This is so E wouldn’t go over into bottom half of the picture in the same colour. Emily chose to use blue paint for the sky.


Step Four

Emily then decided that she wanted to paint the village red. The then decided to paint some fields in yellow and then for the fire she chose purple!


Step Five

After letting the painting to dry for a while Emily was very keen to start putting some sequins on. She decided that she would sequin the fire part of the picture.


Step Six

Emily then decided to try to sequin the moon area and then added lots of glitter and a little more paint too.


Step Seven

Wait for your mini masterpiece to dry and then showcase the wonderful work or art in your home.


Why not let your children have a go at making their own Starry night mini masterpieces and show off their creative side?



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Starry night feature image




Disclosure: We received the Galt Toys product to use whilst completing this task, all ideas above are our own.

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