What2buy4kids Candy Warmheart Rag Doll Review

Last week we were sent a mystery parcel from what2buy4kids. This fantastic website sells gifts for children of all ages, they have a great search facility where they suggest toys based on age and gender with a wide range of budgets. It is a great website if you are looking for something different or if you are just stuck for ideas on what to buy a child.

When we opened the parcel we were pleased to see that we had been sent a rag doll called Candy, much to E’s delight. However this isn’t any ordinary rag doll, it is a heatable one. Candy is a very cute doll with pigtail’s and a pretty dress and she is approximately 40 cm when standing.

Warmheart Candy

Candy is a safe alternative to a hot water bottle and is lavender-scented, as the doll is a heatable it contains millet seeds and dried lavender which makes the doll feel quite heavy. E was a little confused by this, in her eyes it was just a new rag doll for her to cuddle. I let her play with Candy for a while to get used to her before showing her the real magic about this rag doll.

Heating the rag doll is very easy, the heating guidelines come with the doll. Simply put Candy in the microwave for the right amount of time for your microwave and when you take her out she feels all warm and smells nice.

Heating instructions for microwable doll

I wanted to show E what Candy was really meant for, so I took her to the kitchen to put her in the microwave, E wasn’t very pleased that mummy was going to cook Candy! When we took the doll out she smelt lovely, the scent wasn’t too over whelming which was good. I passed the doll to E and she seemed a little perplexed by her nice warm doll, but she did like it being warm and gave it a nice big cuddle. The only thing E wasn’t that keen on was the smell of lavender but that didn’t stop her from cuddling her. This photo was taken before we microwaved her.

E with Candy the heatable doll

I think Candy the rag doll is great idea as most heatable products have removable packs which in my eyes don’t make them that safe with children. The doll is well designed and extremely well made and her cute factor is a great added bonus. I imagine Candy getting a lot of use in this house during the colder months and it will be brilliant to use when E is not very well. Candy is only £11.95 on what2buy4kids which I think is very good value for the product you are getting.


Disclosure – We were sent Candy the heatable rag doll to review and all words and opinions are my own



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  1. August 29, 2014 / 2:09 pm

    Love the sound of this – might have to get one for my eldest as she gets cold very easily in the winter.

    • lynseyward78
      August 29, 2014 / 6:53 pm

      There are a couple other dolls in the range. They really are lovely.

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