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10 Things that Surprised Me About Being A Stay At Home Mum

When I was younger I never thought I would get married let alone have children. I enjoyed travelling to many places in the world. I loved having fun jobs such as an entertainer, a magicians assistant, working in pantomimes and on a cruise ship.  Life was fun and spontaneous.  Then it all changed when out of the blue I met M and before I knew it we got married. Several years later we had children. From that point I was a stay at home mum, which was great but also surprised me in many ways.

1 – I don’t miss my job.

2 – My house is a mess pretty much all the time. I thought it would be spotless because I’m home to clean it. But my kids are also home…

3 – Sometimes I’m lonely. I’m rarely alone (even to go to the bathroom), but it can still be pretty lonely

4 – I love shopping, for children’s clothes.

5 – My feet are bigger – no lie. I used to wear 2-inch heels to work every single day. Now that I’ve worn nothing but flip flops or trainers shoes for several years, my feet don’t even squish into those heels.

6 – My wardrobe has changed, it is now more practical. Especially as I spend most of my time chasing around after children.

7 –  It’s harder than I thought it would be to coordinate playdates. I thought I’d be hanging with my other stay-at-home mum friends all day every day, but between school schedules, swim lessons and other commitments, we don’t see as much of our friends as I thought we would

 8 –  I don’t take naps, and I rarely watch television, unless its Peppa Pig. I thought that I’d be spending my days lounging around in the house. This is rarely the case.

9 – Within a few months of being a stay at home mum, I couldn’t figure out how people get to work every day with children. I still don’t know how I would manage getting up, showering, getting dressed, getting the kids up and dressed, walking the eldest to school.

10 – I love being a stay at home mum. ( I didn’t think I would!) Even though I am an inpatient parent!


Stay at home mum




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