The mess!

Do you ever get the kids into bed, relax on the sofa, possibly with a glass of wine, and then look at the piles of toys. I do frequently and I then think, what is the point of tidying it up? After all it will soon be a mess again.

But as much as you keep telling your brain to shut up, it keeps on saying…..You cannot relax until it is tidied away on the toy shelf or in the toy box.

But hang on, perhaps for a change you should just tidy up the kitchen and get a fry up on.

The Mess
Or even have a teddy bears picnic

the mess

Its time for Kate and Wills to put George into bed. They are all very tired after their trip to Australia.

photo 3
The excuse here is that I can’t make stuff like this with a two year around.  She wants me to play with her but won’t let me at the same time.
I know it’s still slightly messy,  however I know that E will be so excited when she gets in in the morning. I however know I wont be allowed to play with her toys but she wants me to play with her!

However there is the rest of the house that needs tidying, but I cannot see any of that mess from the comfort of my sofa. Thankfully!

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